The Memories that Gardens conjure

I am really enjoying the community conversations which I am having as a front yard gardener! I have lived in my house for 26 years. For the first 24 years, there was a huge magnolia tree out front. Since I removed the magnolia in Feb. of 2015, I have enjoyed helping my neighbors conjure up stories from their past. My neighbor Miss Lisa Lewis told me that my sunflowers remind her of the Color Purple.

My neighbor Miss Jean reminisced about her mother boiling mint leaves in water to create a      soothing tea for tummy aches. Ms. Trina told me that she knew it was time to come inside to get ready for supper when she saw the 4 o clocks opening up. I love the memories which can be conjured up when strolling through a garden! 


Beautiful bugs

I do love bugs! Not the ones which nibble on leaves….the pollinators! Here are a few six legged friends who have been photographed during a visit!


I saw my first lightning bug of the season this evening. It was so lovely working its way around my goldenrod, sunflowers, and red hot pokers (only the pokers are blooming now). The goldenrod and sunflowers are preparing themselves for a late summer show. I cut some “little arrangements” for my kitchen table. Thought that I would share them with you. Enjoy!




mandevilla and hydrangea

lil arrangements

Summer Successes!

Eucomis MontanaIt has been a while since I have posted. Here are some of my favorite summer successes. Top photo is of Eucomis ‘Montana”. Planted these bulbs in 2009 and am so happy that they are finally blooming.  Ivy with petuniaI have started dropping colorful pots of fleurs into a massive expanse of thick glacier ice ivy growing just outside of my back door.mandevillaWish you could enlarge this photo of this mandevilla. That is a huge bumble bee nestled inside…really enjoying watching this vine take off. summer landscape This lovely landscape includes Mexican petunia (purple) in the foreground. Red ‘Lord Baltimore’ hibiscus in the background.

The Winter of Indoor Gardening Projects

Yes….there is absolutely nothing more fun than sinking your fingers into the warm earth. I think that this winter’s indoor gardening projects are helping me to get over the mourning of the gardening “pause” of winter. Remember the mexican petunia which I told you about wintering indoors  (see tall blooming colors from 8/8/12) ….well, it is indeed wintering indoors….it’s dormant but happy. I even took a few shoots from the base of the plant and are rooting them in water ….. will plant them out with the “mama plant” to create a petunia population!!


mexican petunia

Another fun indoor gardening project which I am really enjoying is pruning a living wreath which I received as a Christmas present.